What to expect - Your first Chiropractic visit

Set aside at least 45-60 minutes for your first visit to the chiropractor. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to fill out required paperwork. Future visits typically last approximately 15 minutes, although the time required will depend on upon the type of treatment you require.

1. On your first visit, your chiropractor may ask about the following:

  • Personal and family medical history
  • Major illnesses you have experienced
  • Surgeries or operations you have had
  • Medications you are taking
  • A description of your present condition
  • The steps you have taken to manage your condition
  • Your diet and exercise
  • Your sleeping habits, daily activities, work routine, stress level, and home life

2. It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for your visit to the chiropractor. Your chiropractor may ask you to change into a gown to perform some of these tests:

  • A check of your blood pressure, pulse, and breathing if indicated
  • A test of your reflexes, strength and sensations
  • An analysis of your posture
  • Orthopedic testing
  • An analysis of your movement - observe how you walk, turn, bend or lift things, as well as how your body moves in the affected area a hands-on evaluation of how well your spine moves, identifying restrictions and areas of improper motion

Stages of chiropractic care